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Many of the criminals who are arrested by law enforcement officials in Harris County are right back out on the street victimizing our neighborhoods.

Law enforcement officials in Harris County are doing a great job catching the criminals that are causing havoc, however, our revolving door justice system keeps letting them go.


We Deserve Better!

The hard-working residents of Harris County deserve to work and live in a safe community; free of criminals who think they are above the law. Our children deserve to be safe. Our friends and families deserve to be safe. No one deserves to be a victim of crime.

It is imperative that the residents of Harris County have a District Attorney and criminal court judges who will do their due diligence to help keep this community safe.

Judicial activism, the perversion of real reform, and a disregard for public safety has brought terrible policies and practices to Harris County. PR Bonds / Low Bonds for violent cases, Deferred Adjudication / Probation for career criminals, and a disregard for accountability has made our county less safe. On top of this, when these criminals violate the terms of their bonds or probation, they aren't being revoked and they are let back out to target more victims. We now have a revolving door, within our criminal court system, for both criminals and their victims.


Our law enforcement officers work too hard serving and protect our community. Our children, families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors deserve to be safe. We all deserve better. Harris County deserves a District Attorney and criminal court judges who will uphold the law and contribute to keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Join us in shining a light on these issues and showing everyone that Harris County Deserves Better.

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