Aggravated Robbery Suspect jumped bail, robbed numerous people, attempted to murder a priest and shot police officer....

This is Brandon Bell. On September 2, 2019, Brandon robbed two women at gunpoint, threatened to kill them and stole their vehicle. The complainants made a police report and began to drive around the area, looking for their stolen vehicle.

A few hours later, the complainants observed their stolen vehicle (occupied by five individuals) driving in the area. The complainants called 911 and notified Houston Police that they located their stolen vehicle. Police stopped the vehicle and detained all five occupants. One of the complainants recognized Brandon Bell as the man who robbed them at gunpoint and also noticed he was still wearing the same clothing as when he robbed them.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office accepted the misdemeanor charge of "Criminal Trespass in a Motor Vehicle" on Brandon Bell. Harris County Pretrial Services granted Brandon a "Personal Bond" at no cost. If Brandon decided to jump bail, he would only be penalized $100.

On September 9, 2019, Houston Police investigators were able to file a warrant for "Aggravated Robbery" on Brandon Bell. Brandon's court date for his misdemeanor trespass case was set for September 10th, where he would have been arrested for the open felony warrant. Brandon jumped bail and did not show up. He was not penalized. His bail was not revoked.

On September 12, 2019, Brandon Bell and his accomplices terrorized the citizens of SE Houston. They robbed multiple people at gunpoint and attempted to murder a priest (in a church parking lot). They stole multiple vehicles and eventually were located by Houston Police. Rather than surrender and be taken into custody for his outstanding "Aggravated Robbery" warrant and numerous additional charges to follow, Brandon evaded arrest from officers. When Brandon was caught in the foot pursuit, he fought with the officer and was able to disarm him. Brandon Bell then shot that Houston Police officer three times - attempting to murder him. Brandon Bell was killed by officers during this gunfight.

How many more like Brandon Bell are out there right now - bail jumping without penalty? How many more citizens and police officers need to be injured or killed for us to realize that PR Bonds and lax bond conditions have consequences? There is no accountability involved and no reason for these violent criminals to show up to court. The revolving door of criminal "justice" in Harris County is a disservice to all. #EnoughIsEnough

September 2nd Robbery:

September 12th Crime Spree:
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