Anthony Conway shot someone in the face, TWICE, and robbed them and only received 6 months of jail time

Message from HPOU FOP Lodge 110 President Joe Gamaldi:

Let me introduce you to Anthony Conway. Anthony is wanted for the murder of a local, hard working, innocent, food truck owner here in Houston. He was gunned down with a shotgun as they took his hard earned money.

What you don't know about Anthony is that he did exactly the same a year ago. He shot an innocent victim in the face, TWICE, and robbed them. Why wasn't Anthony in jail? Great question, because Kim Ogg and her office cut him a sweet heart deal where they reduced the charge to unlawful carrying of a weapon and he only received 6 months in jail!

Yes that's right for shooting someone in the face, TWICE, and robbing them he received 6 months of jail time. I implore all citizens of Harris County, please pay attention to what is going on at the District Attorney's office.

I am big on judging by actions and not words, DA Kim Ogg and her office have shown through their actions that they do not give a damn about crime victims in our City. This is truly shameful. Please SHARE to help bring this dirtbag to justice...again!
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