Convicted Felon, Pending 7 Felonies, will he be given a sweetheart deal?

Jerry Marco is our poster boy for recidivism and the issues facing the citizens of Harris County. Last night, Jerry led Houston Police on a high speed car chase. Jerry put countless citizens and officers at risk and could have easily killed someone. After crashing his vehicle, Jerry produced a fake driver's license and tried to deceive our officers. Nice try, Jerry.

Why did Jerry run from the police? Because of the five outstanding felony warrants from bonds he posted and then jumped... At what point is there any real "risk assessment" in Harris County? Let's run through a quick summary of Jerry Marco's recent criminal history:

2014 - Sentenced to five years in TDCJ for Aggravated Robbery of the elderly. Already had prior parole violations, felony evading, theft, assault, out of state cases, and more.

Nov 2018 - Charged with felony Assault Family Violence (warrant filed). Evaded Houston Police in a car chase, crashed, and was captured with an open felony warrant. Posted bail on both felonies.

Feb 2019 - Assaulted the same woman from prior Family Violence case. Charged with felony Assault Family Violence and felony Violation of a Protective Order. Posted bail on all four pending felonies. Court date set for October 2019.

Sep 2019 - Charged with felony Deception of Elderly after stealing $90,000 through fraud. Felony warrant filed.

Oct 2019 - Jumped bail on all other cases and went on the run. Five open felony warrants.

Jan 2020 - Evaded arrest from Houston Police, crashed vehicle, lied about name and gave fake driver's license. Charged with two felonies (Evading, Tampering), and misdemeanor DWI.

Jerry Marco is now pending seven felony charges and one misdemeanor charge. Will he be allowed to continue to post bail? Will he be offered a sweetheart deal? With his prior Aggravated Robbery conviction and extensive criminal history - Jerry Marco deserves the maximum allowed penalties. He is a threat to our police officers, our citizens, his victims, and anyone else who crosses his path.

We have the best police officers in the world, but they could be much more efficient if they didn't have to catch the same career criminals over and over and over again.

#EnoughIsEnough #HarrisCountyDeservesBetter
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