Gang Members charged with Murder in 2017, Bond conditions violated, STILL FREE ON BOND


Harris County deserves better. These two gang members are free on bond on a "Murder" case, but should be locked up. Torrey Smith and Edrick Cole are a threat to the citizens of Harris County, yet Judge Herb Ritchie does not seem to care.

Torrey Smith was given four years Deferred Adjudication in 2016 for possession of PCP, Crack Cocaine, and a loaded 9mm handgun. Barely a year later, Torrey was charged with "Murder", after shooting a man to death, at a party in east Harris County. For some reason, Torrey's Deferred Adjudication has still not been revoked. Torrey has had more than eight reported bond violations on his Murder case and has been arrested for violating his bond conditions, has violated his GPS ankle monitor rules, and failed drug testing - yet he is still free on bond today. Apparantly bond conditions mean nothing to Judge Ritchie.

Edrick Cole, fellow gang member and codefendant to Torrey Smith, was recently arrested, in October, with two other men. They were in possession of numerous firearms (one which was stolen) and a large quantity of narcotics (see photo). Edrick Cole was charged with possession of one of the firearms, yet he is still free on bond for the Murder case. One of his codefendants, from that weapons' arrest, was caught after the recent Aggravated Robbery of Delton Hayes Jewelers in Atascosita, where one man was shot - while he was also on bond for the weapons' arrest also.

Harris County Judges are allowing more victims to be targeted, injured, and killed when they allow these violent criminal street gang members to post bond - while already on bond for Murder and other violent felony offenses. Then, when it gets time to punish them, the criminals receive little to no penalty for their offenses.

Something has to change. The victims of violent crime, in Harris County, deserve to have an advocate looking out for them. Harris County needs change.

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