Great job by all involved in solving these cases and getting these predators charged...

Great job by all of the investigators and agencies involved in solving these cases and getting these predators charged. The Yonko "Gypsy" Family is a criminal organization that preys on elderly and vulnerable people. Unfortunately these cases are more examples of crimes that never should have happened.

* Paul Yonko is currently on parole and has an extensive criminal history throughout Texas and other states. Paul Yonko should still be in prison.

* Sam Yonko bail jumped on a 2017 Felony DWI case and accumulated at least seven more charges (including PCS, Theft, Robbery, Engaging) while on bond for that DWI.

* Nick Stanley bail jumped on a 2017 Aggravated Robbery (Elderly) charge and caught another five cases while on the run.

Once again, career criminals are responsible for an overwhelming majority of the crimes affecting Harris County. We need to see this criminal organization punished to the maximum, because their victims deserve to see justice.

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#VictimsDeserveBetter #HarrisCountyDeservesBetter

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