Clayton Brown Shot Three People and two cases get dismissed

Message from HPOU FOP Lodge 110 President Joe Gamaldi:

This is Clayton Brown, Clayton has a lengthy, violent, criminal history. Clayton shot two people (one of them a 15 year old girl) at a block party last year. While out on bond for shooting TWO people, he was arrested yet again for shooting another person.

Now you would think DA Kim Ogg and her office would throw the book at him. You would be wrong. Instead her office cuts a sweetheart deal where they DISMISS two cases, then gave him deferred adjudication(NO jail time) on the third.

All told Clayton Brown was arrested and charged with shooting THREE people (pleaded guilty to one) in our community and received NO jail time. With shootings occurring daily in our community, the DA owes the public an explanation. An explanation as to why she is weak on criminals who commit violent crimes with guns and show no regard for human life.

Please share, this madness has to stop. #OggMustGo
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