Horace Harris' spree of terror....

Blaise Vega participated in an aggravated robbery that resulted in the murder of a young man. He was charged with "Capital Murder" in Harris County's 177th District Court. Judge Robert Johnson allowed Vega to post a $100k bond for the murder.

A few days ago, while on bond for the murder case, Blaise Vega and another gang member, Xzavier Barnes, were stopped by Houston Police in a stolen Ford F250. Vega evaded arrest on foot and was captured. Barnes was taken ino custody and found to be in possession of a .45 caliber handgun.

At the time of the arrest, Barnes had an open felony warrant for being a "Felon in Possession of a Firearm" from an August incident where he shot himself in the genitals with a .380 handgun. This was one month after getting off of parole (July 2019) for Aggravated Robbery, after being sentenced to TDCJ for five years.

Barnes and Vega went before probable cause court Magistrate Lisa Porter. The new cases were incorrectly forwarded to the 351st where Barnes' felony warrant is out of, rather than the 177th where Vega was already on bond for "Capital Murder". Magistrate Porter disregarded the prosecutor's request to deny Vega bail or allow bail to be set by the district court judge. Instead, Porter set Vega's bail at $15k for the "Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle" charge and a $100 PR bond for the "Evading Arrest". Even though Vega filed an affidavit that he cannot afford bail, he quickly posted the $15k and is free again. His "Capital Murder" bond has not been revoked, even though a motion to do so has been filed.

Remember - Probable Cause Court Magistrates are not elected. They are not accountable to you, the voter. They are hired by the elected District Court Judges - like Judge Robert Johnson.

Does this situation with Vega sound familiar? That's because we already covered the same issue with Blaise Vega's capital murder codefendant, Horace Harris. They are charged the same capital murder case in the 177th. Horace Harris, while on bond for capital murder, evaded from police in a stolen vehicle, terrorized countless citizens and carjacked a mother, at gunpoint... at the time, he was also on felony probation.

Horace Harris' spree of terror -
ABC 13 EyeWitness News - "'I'm not safe anymore': Woman who was carjacked and pistol-whipped by 2 men describes incident" https://abc13.com/houston-mother-carjacked-and-pistol-whipped-outside-home/5375715/?fbclid=IwAR0_DFadwaEtRdOZ4OiqizzzpRGz3yFgTkJT9eOzBeoD9zVwcQDNCNryMPw
Click 2 Houston - "Men who police say pistol-whipped woman, led them on wild chase identified" . https://www.click2houston.com/news/2019/07/02/men-who-police-say-pistol-whipped-woman-led-them-on-wild-chase-identified/
The abbreviated below video shows how Vega was able to make it in and out of the Harris County Jail so quickly. #HouNews #EnoughIsEnough
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