Ira Vance is free on Three Felony Bonds

This is the injury caused to a Houston Police Officer, by Ira Vance. Ira Vance is a convicted felon, drug dealing, car stealing, low-life with an extensive criminal history.

Earlier in 2019, Ira Vance was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and given a PR Bond. While free on this PR bond, Ira Vance was caught in a stolen vehicle, in possession of a loaded handgun (as a felon) and resisted arrest. Ira Vance severely injured one of the Houston Police Officers, requiring the officer to undergo surgery and take medical leave.

Rather than revoke his PR Bond and set reasonable bonds for the new offenses, Harris County Judge Lori Gray allowed Ira Vance to post $15k bonds and did not revoke the existing PR bond. Ira Vance is now free on multiple bonds. We can only hope he won't hurt anyone else and will show up on his court date.

Our officers are catching these violent criminals. We need to see justice for these victims and a deterrence to illegal possession of firearms and narcotics trafficking. #EnoughIsEnough #HarrisCountyDeservesBetter
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