Our Community Deserves Better

Please read the below statement, it will shock and appall you to know just how close the DA's office came to ruining this case. Without the swift action of the Houston Police Department evidence would have been lost forever. Our community, Josue Flores and the Flores Family deserve better from the elected District Attorney Kim Ogg.

The HPOU would like to acknowledge the hard work of the Houston Police Department Homicide Division for their steadfast commitment to bring, who we believe to be the killer of young Josue Flores, to justice. Finally, the Flores family and the community can rest easy knowing that the suspect is in custody. The Houston Police Department never wavered that the evidence clearly pointed to Andre Jackson as the #1 prime suspect. Even after the Harris County District Attorney dismissed the charges against Andre Jackson, HPD homicide detectives continued to push forward ordering new DNA tests to firm up the case.

However, what has not been reported today is the defense attorney for Andre Jackson filed a motion several months ago to have all of his property/evidence returned to Mr. Jackson. This included the key pieces of evidence that would be material to any future trial. In an act of what can only be described as gross incompetence, the Harris County District Attorney's Office inexplicably did not oppose the motion. Meaning that Andre Jackson would be free to pick up his property and all the evidence belonging to him, that the Houston Police Department had in its custody. Which Mr. Jackson actually attempted to do. If not for the Houston Police Department Homicide Division and Chief Acevedo, who stated that "the items would only be returned over our dead bodies" opposing the motion from the Judge, key pieces of evidence would have been turned over to Andre Jackson and lost forever.

This is an unforgivable mistake by the Harris County District Attorney's Office. Josue Flores, his family and the community deserve better from their elected District Attorney.

Joe Gamaldi
HPOU FOP Lodge 110 President
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