Our elected DA must be held accountable for her weak stance on gun crime


We had 13 people SHOT over the weekend in our community, 4 paid with their lives. We need to continue to grow the Houston Police Department to be be on par with a growing City our size. Chicago has nearly 13,000 officers we have 5,200, they cover about 250 square miles, we cover 650. Our officers are running call to call to call and our detectives are under crippling case loads, we need sustained growth to keep up with demand.

In addition, as a community we must also hold our elected DA accountable for her weak stance on gun crime. Time and time again her office cuts sweetheart deals for those committing crimes with a firearm. Why are we not throwing the book at the criminals who are using guns to terrorize our community?

DA refuses all charges!
Justice For Jazmine Barnes (7 Year old killed)