Police: Man out on bond for vehicle burglary charge caught breaking into cars along 290 by KHOU

"Darius Durst was caught breaking into cars while he was out on bond for ... breaking into cars, among other things." - KHOU 11


Police: Man out on bond for vehicle burglary charge caught breaking into cars along 290
By Adam Bennett

HOUSTON — A man who was out on bond after being accused of breaking into a car is back was back in jail Thursday after prosecutors say he did it again.

Police say they caught Darius Durst, 22, in the act breaking into several cars outside several restaurants, a gym, and a bank along U.S. 290 in northwest Houston on Wednesday. They say he took credit cards and IDs.

Investigators think he’s also behind three earlier vehicle break-ins at Northwest Mall.

Court records say Durst told police he "keeps items that (have) value and sells them."

Harris County documents show Durst was out on bond for an October misdemeanor charge of burglary of a vehicle and an August felony charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle. Those records also show Durst convicted of two state jail felonies: Theft in January 2017 and possession of a controlled substance in October 2018.

"As the holiday season approaches, the takeaway should be to be mindful of your possessions,” said Mary McFaden, a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

McFaden said with the boom in online shopping and porch pirates, it's easy to overlook the classic smash-and-grabs that surge around the holidays.

"It takes seconds,” said McFaden. "If you get out of your car and put your purse, put your newly acquired gift into the trunk or try and leave it covered in your backseat, people are watching."

Criminals aren't only after gifts, according to McFaden, but also personal identification like credit cards, checks, and social security cards.

"They can be taken, they can be sold, they can be reused,” said McFaden.

She recommends bringing fewer cards, less information, and only bring what someone needs.

"I try not to carry anything that's of value anyways,” said Pedro Romano, a shopper visiting from Mexico. “I'm already careful as it is."

Court records show Durst being held in the Harris County Jail on a $15,000 bond as of Thursday evening. He’s charged with felony theft and fraudulent possession of identifying information.


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