Press Release: Harris County Assistant DA Should be Terminated after Failing to Protect a Hispanic Victim of Sexual Assault

Thank you LULAC for speaking out for victims’ rights in our community. No victim deserves this treatment from our Criminal Justice system and EVERYONE, regardless of what country they are from, should be properly protected. #VictimsDeserveBetter #HarrisCountyDeservesBetter#OggMustGo #DenholmToo

Houston, TX - Today the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) issues the following statement demanding that the Harris County District Attorney's Office immediately terminate John Danholm, an assistant district attorney, for failing to file charges against a perpetrator of sexual assault because the victim was allegedly undocumented:

"It is ironic to me that part of the Harris County District Attorney's Office Guiding Principles include 'striving for equality in our use of prosecutorial discretion' and 'treating all crime victims with dignity and fairness' because that clearly did not happen in the case of a Hispanic victim who was sexually assaulted," said Domingo Carcia, LULAC National President. "An attempted sexual assault IS a sexual assault and the assistant District Attorney who failed to file charges for this crime shouldn't be reassigned, he should be fired because he is a racist and menace to the Hispanic community."

"LULAC is disappointed and dismayed about the assistant District Attorney's decision not to press charges against a sexual aggressor. It is the state's job to follow its own rules, and those rules include protecting all pleople in Harris County regardless of immigration status," said Alfonso (Al) Maldonado, LULAC District VIII Director. "The actions of the DA's office has sent a clear message to our local Hispanic community: 'dont't report crimes because you don't count.' The DA's office needs to immediately fix this by firing this unethical assistant district attorney. His actions are a direct threat to puclic safety for everyone."
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