Violent Criminal Gang member, commits robbery and assault makes bond


Noble Washington is a member of a violent criminal street gang. He has a violent criminal history and is known to carry firearms. Noble habitually evades arrest from police, does not abide by his bond conditions, has skipped bail multiple times and consistently disregards every directive given to him by judges. He has a history of tampering with ankle monitors. Apparantly there is no real "risk assessment" system in place, because anyone can see the threat that Noble Washington poses to the citizens of Houston, Harris County, Texas - yet he is free on bail.

Noble Washington is currently on "Deferred Adjudication" for felony Evading Arrest. While on deferred, Noble has been charged with Unlawful Carry of a Weapon, felony Assault Family Violence (Choking), Robbery (Bodily Injury) and felony Evading in a Motor Vehicle.

Unfortunately, when Herb Ritchie was elected to be the Judge of Harris County's 337 district court, a revolving door was installed at the entrance. Herb Ritchie is not running for re-election and that may be some of the best news you'll read today.

The situation with Noble Washington is complicated to explain, because the criminal justice system has failed on so many different levels with him and the victims of his crimes. The following is a timeline of Noble's recent charges from his known crimes in Harris County:

* September 2015 - Noble Washington was charged with assaulting his girlfriend and evading arrest from police. Noble Washington skipped bail on these two charges and was not charged with Bail Jumping.

* June 2016 - While on the run (wanted) for the above two charges, Noble Washington evaded arrest from police again. In this incident, Noble ran from officers, while in possession of a loaded .40 caliber pistol. He was captured and charged with Unlawful Carry of a Weapon and Evading Arrest. Noble quickly pleaded guilty to all charges and was sentenced to 45 days in the county jail. Time served + two for one credit... maybe he was in jail for a few weeks?

* August 2016 - Noble Washington and other gang members beat a man until he bled profusely from his face and head. When a nearby witness tried to stop the beating, Noble Washington brandished a pistol and stated that "the block" belonged to him. Washington was charged with Assault (Bodily Injury). Noble Washington, again, SKIPPED BAIL, but was not charged with Bail Jumping.

* January 2017 - While on on the run (wanted) for the above gang related assault, Noble Washington was taken into custody with a group of males in an apartment complex parking lot. Noble and each of the other suspects were in possession of pistols, one of which was stolen. Noble was charged with Unlawful Carry of a Weapon. Days later, Noble was charged with felony Theft of a Firearm. Noble was convicted of the misdemeanor carrying charge (15 days in jail) and the felony theft charge was dismissed.

* January 2018 - During a gang/narcotics investigation, Noble Washington evaded arrest from patrol officers on foot and successfully evaded capture. A felony warrant was filed for his arrest.

* February 2018 - Noble Washington was a passenger of a vehicle that was stopped for traffic violations. Noble, a wanted fugitive, evaded arrest from the vehicle and threw a loaded 9mm pistol onto the ground while he was running. He was captured by officers. The driver of the vehicle, another gang member, was in possession of a loaded .300 caliber ar-style pistol. A large quantity of narcotics was recovered also. Noble was charged, again, with felony Evading Arrest and Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon. The weapon's charge was not presented to the probable cause court judge by the DA's office, although accepted and filed by the arresting officers. Noble then posted bonds on these incidents. After posting bond, Noble had numerous bond violations. Noble tampered with his gps ankle monitor and refused to pay his administrative fees. In October of 2018, Washington pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 2 years of deferred adjudication for one of the felony evading offenses.

* October 2018 - Three days after receiving Deferred Adjudication, Noble Washington was a suspect in a serial robbery investigation. Houston Police officers observed Noble put a handgun into his backpack, in public view in an apartment complex. Officers attempted to detain Noble in an adjacent business parking lot and observed Noble remove his handgun from his backpack and placed it on the ground. Noble was taken into custody and the firearm was found to be stolen. Noble Washington was charged with Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon. Noble posted bond. His deferred adjudication was not revoked and this case was later dismissed.

* May 2019 - While on felony Deferred Adjudication, Noble Washington was charged with felony Assault (Family Violence) Choking, after strangling his girlfriend. Noble posted bond and was issued a gps ankle monitor.

* September 2019 - While still on deferred and bond for the above felony assault case, Noble Washington was charged with Robbery (Bodily Injury). Washington is accused of robbing and beating a man, along with fellow gang members. The man was severely beaten and his money was stolen. A warrant was signed for Noble Washington's arrest.

* October 2019 - While still on deferred, on felony bond and wanted for Robbery (Bodily Injury), Noble Washington evaded arrest from police in a motor vehicle. He evaded from offficers for over 2 miles and at speeds exceeding 100mph. Noble crashed his vehicle into a construction area and was taken into custody. Noble told his arresting officers that he had stopped charging his gps ankle monitor and ran because he did not want to go back to jail. Noble Washington was allowed to post bond and is currently free on multiple bonds.

Noble Washington is a threat. Noble Washington is a known flight risk. Apparantly there is no "risk assessment" and there is definitely no deterrence to our issue with violent recidivism. Noble Washington should be in prison for violating his deferred adjudication. Because he was released, we have numerous more victims of violent part 1 crime.

Unfortunately, Noble Washington is just one example out of thousands...

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